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Here's what people are saying about Carol's presentations. Letters of recommendation are below.

St. Davids Christian Writers Conference 2015 Professional Speaking Class


"You've equipped this chicken well to go forth and squawk!"

Carrie Ann Noble, author of The Mermaid's Sister, The Gold-Son, and Gretchen and the Bear


Thank you so much for doing TWO FABULOUS and practical workshops for us–as well as take appointments.

We appreciate you so much. The encouragement and teaching enriches those in attendance.

                         Donna L.H. Smith, President Keystone Christian Writers Conference ACFW PA Chapter, November 7, 2015  


I am so thankful that I took the "Public Speaking" course by Carol Hamilton at the 2015 St. Davids Christian Writer's Conference.  Carol equipped me with tools to put myself and my audience at ease.  She taught me to harness the adrenaline caused by my nerves to become a more effective speaker.  She knows how to encourage and bring out the best in her students.

                          Susan Boltz, President St. Davids Christian Writers Association


“I loved hearing Carol Hamilton speak. In a world where there is a fear of enough resources, it is refreshing to hear a message of empowerment and caring.” 

Rebecca, Olentangy Meadows Elementary School,

YMCA Latch-key Site Director


"Thanks for sharing yesterday.  Danny enjoyed it and I got my bucket filled.  He was so sweet and the things he said made me want to cry. 

Very encouraging."

“It really brightened my day and encouraged me. His specific points showed the thought he put into this and made me feel appreciated as well.”

Dawn, Ellwood City, parent Portersville Christian School, Portersville, PA


“It was a beautiful expression of family love. I was so blessed to have such a lovely granddaughter full of goodness and grace.”

Marsha, grandparent, Portersville Christian School, Portersville, PA


“Makes me feel like I’m doing my job as a dad and sharing God’s love to Abigail. I will continue to be a bucketfiller. Abigail needs me in her life and I will always be there for her. I love her!”

J. A., parent, Portersville Christian School, Portersville, PA


“Russell’s Bucketfilling paper couldn’t have been expressed at a better time! Last night at my ladies’ Bible study I was telling the group about it (and shedding a few tears)–the timing was such a “God thing!” It is one of those papers that I will keep forever and reread a lot (maybe even read it back to him when he’s a teenJ). It has been placed in my Bible. I plan on searching for something Russell and his brothers can do for their grandma for Mother’s Day. Thank you!”

Cyndi, parent, Portersville Christian School, Portersville, PA


“Mason surprised me with a list of his thoughts and reasons why he loves me. This arrived a day after which he had misbehaved terribly. His words amazed me. I didn’t realize he really knew or understood all the things I do for him. It felt wonderful to be recognized. This gesture will always be treasured in my heart.

Mason and I both talked how we each filled the others bucket today. We did it at bedtime and it was a lovely way to end the day–with appreciation and love (also a smile on each others’ face). Thank you for this enlightening tool!”

Barbara, parent, Portersville Christian School, Portersville, PA


“It was comforting to me a lot. I would like to try it one time.”

Anna, sibling, Portersville Christian School, Portersville, PA


"Thank you, Carol, for sharing with the fourth graders. As I read some of the responses this morning, I felt tingles up and down my spine!

We talked more today about 'filling our buckets’. I think they learned much. “

Louise Schmidtberger, Grove City, PA 4th grade teacher, Portersville Christian School


“You could hear the love and sincerity in the voices of my students as Carol Hamilton facilitated a Bucketfilling session about ‘Why I Love and Respect You.’ She was able to get them to reach into their hearts to really experience Bucketfilling and kindness. It was a heartwarming and meaningful experience for everyone.”

Sonia Brule, Principal, Center Elementary School, Ohio


“What I appreciate about the bucket filling program is that it is an anti-bullying program that doesn’t use the word bullying over and over. It promotes kindness and always thinking of others first. By using this positive approach we are preventing and addressing bullying. I love how it encourages students to consciously think, “What can I do for someone else today?” By getting all of our students to think of nice things to do, we are preventing them from doing and saying mean things to others.”


“I wanted to let you know how great it is to hear the bucket filling terminology that is being used by our students, staff, and parents.

A mom dropped her daughter off at school this morning, and the last thing I heard her say was, ‘Fill some buckets today!’

Everyone is really embracing the concept, and I have already noticed such a positive tone and environment in our building! Thanks–“

Jim Goske, Principal Stadium Drive Elementary School, Boardman, Ohio


“I like the way I see students interacting with one another now. They’re more aware of how to treat others.”

Becky, 3rd grade teacher, Stadium Drive Elementary School, Boardman, Ohio


“I like that it’s hands-on and is using tactile learning–the kids actually have a bucket and can see what they are doing.”

Jen Carey, Guidance Counselor, Stadium Drive Elementary School, Boardman, Ohio


“It makes the kids more aware of feelings. We talked about how they are filling a person’s heart.”

Missy, 1st grade teacher, Stadium Drive Elementary School, Boardman, Ohio


Letters of Recommendation

Carol did a great job teaching about adding speaking to your writing for two years at the St. Davids Christian Writers' Conference. Outstanding evaluations. I sat in on one of her classes and, although I've been professionally speaking for nearly 40 years, I learned several things.

James N. Watkins
Award-winning author and speaker

"Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well" (3 John 2). 

James N. Watkins
Author-Speaker-Threat to Society



To Whom It May Concern,


            I have known Carol Hamilton both personally and professionally for many years. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough as a speaker for your conference.


            As the former director of the St. Davids Christian Writers’ Conference I asked Carol to teach the continuing track for beginners ("From a Hobby to a Career: Turn Doing What You Love into Income" including "Professional Writing" "Professional Sales," and "Professional Marketing") and individual workshops such as "Sell Your Writing Through Professional Presentations." She also served as a critique group facilitator and chapel speaker many times.


            Carol has invested much time and effort to learn the writing and speaking crafts. Her warm, caring personality is very encouraging to conferees. She is approachable and fun, and always has time for one more question or concern.




Lora Homan Zill, M.A.

Director, St. Davids Christian Writers’ Conference (1998-2013)

Adjunct Instructor, Gannon University, Erie, PA

Teaching Artist, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great confidence that I write this letter of recommendation for Carol Hamilton. I have had the privilege of knowing Carol for well over a decade. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to hear her teach about several aspects of writing and the writing life.

Most recently, Carol taught two classes at Micro-Con, a one-day writing conference held at The Library Place at Pittsburgh Mills. The courses she taught for us were “Non-Fiction: Books, Magazines & Internet” and “Writer to Speaker or Ruby Slipper Speaking.” As the conference coordinator, I received nothing but positive feedback from conference attendees regarding both of her classes. Comments on the exit survey for her courses included:

            “Entertaining and informative. Good information.”
            “Interesting talk”
            “Very informative!”
            “Good points for speaking & making the audience comfortable.”
            “Good presenter. Interesting useful information.”
            “I really feel like I can submit to magazines now. Never felt that way before.”

Carol would make a wonderful addition to the faculty of any writing conference. Her charisma and charm help her reach her audience in a way that compels them to listen and learn from her experience.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Debbie Sanchez

Administrator and Writing Program Specialist

The Library Place at Pittsburgh Mills

540 Pittsburgh Mills Circle

Tarentum, PA 15084



Amy Kellner

Adult Services Librarian

Zelienople Area Public Library

227 S. High St.

Zelienople PA 16063



To whom it may concern,


This letter is to recommend Carol Hamilton and her writing workshops for your organization.  As Adult Services Librarian here in Zelienople I have had the chance to work with Carol on library programming on more than one occasion and have always found her work to be excellent and her personality to be easy to work with.


Carol conducted a writing workshop for teens for us and also one for senior citizens on recording family memories, so I can honestly say she works well with all ages.  Carol has also spoken with our mother/daughter book group about the art of writing and the process an author uses to create a work.


Carol is well-prepared and organized.  She is also easy to approach with questions and will give thoughtful answers to any query.   If you have Carol do your writing workshops I think you will be very pleased with the attendees responses.  She will be able to convey her enthusiasm for writing to your group and encourage them in their future projects.


Please feel free to contact me at the above phone number or email address if you have any questions.




Amy Kellner

Adult Services Librarian

Zelienople Area Public Library


I recommend Carol Hamilton for a teaching position at conferences on professional speaking. She has provided a shorten version of her class at our Writing Success one day annual writers conference ( over the years and always is received with interest. Unlike many motivational speakers who are a lot of show and leave listeners with little substance, Carol knows how to teach and explain the concepts of public speaking in clear and easy ways for the most introverted to grasp and implement.

Carol is able to teach because she has allowed herself to be taught through Toastmasters and National Speakers organizations, participating in many speaking contests.

I also have known Carol on a friendship level, through being on a writing conference board with her, participating in writing critique groups with her, and traveling with her. She is conscientious in her responsibilities, personable, compassionate, and willing to sacrifice to build up other writers. She has a particular fondness for teenagers and young adults. She understands personality types. And she loves the Lord Jesus Christ. I see no reason why she wouldn't be an asset to your teaching staff.



Gloria Clover

Director of the Writing Success conference




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